DJ Fat Jack

Cater To The DJ lp

DJ FatJack

How elephants make ninja steps is a good analogy of DJ FatJack's career...allow us to explain. Mid 80s, he & Sound Control Mob crew (big dudes which included DJ Slip of Compton's Most Wanted) would stomp around deejaying for countless LA parties, school dances, skating rinks & concert events. As baton owners of a liquidated sound system rental company, Music People (Slip's dad, with the urging of his son, bought the retiring business), they would provide boomin' sound & sometimes spin for nearly every urban music show that was thrown in LA from the decade of '83-'93. Fat Jack learned stealthy chop sampling during the CMW years & eventually formed a production company with his older brother Jack Dejon H. Clark called We Track Productions. Out of that union came a family of artists, the Mass Men (Minister Too Bad, Aulsondro Novelist now known as Emcee N.I.C.E., Zagu Brown, Mista Grimm, Awol One, Massive, G-Bam, Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique, Smooth7, DK Toon, then later GEL ROC & DJ Roach), spanning from South LA (2132310 area) to Azusa (626 area) to Whittier (562 area) to Hollywood, CA, as the quest for record deals took them around the city. By the mid 90s 'the elephant' Fat Jack had blossomed into a dope producer w/an original sound, best known for his work with the Good Life & Project Blowed MCs like ATU, Aceyalone, Volume 10, Medusa (S.I.N. w/ Koke BooGotti) and Ganjah K. His production quietly stalked its way onto major label releases (like Hip-Hopera, Immortal - All Balls Don't Bounce, Capitol - Ghetto Life, Motown), classic indie lps (like Underground Fossils, Mood Pieces & South Central Thynk Taynk, Keep The Feel Ent.), remixes for greats like 2pac & Ice-T, movie scores (like Ride, THIS IS THE LIFE & 2G's and a Key), soundtracks (like Dead Homiez), tv shows (like Dark Angel & The Sopranos) & videogames (like NBA 2ksports & Tony Hawk). In 2000 and 2004 DJ Fat Jack respectively released his own classic lps: Cater To The DJ pt. 1 & 2 w/various artists (Battleaxe, now avail on KTF Ent.) Since then, (among enjoying an era as tour DJ for X Clan), Fat has produced for Swollen Members, A-Team, Haiku d'etat, The Grouch, The Grouch & Eligh, Scarub, and like a ninja who strikes when u least expect it, he currently has 3 songs on the forthcoming Ab Rude lp. Fat Jack has been spotted at Flow & Tell and he still does sessions with cats on the low. After a brief retirement his inevitable return is coming. "God Bless The Ninja!" 

Pic by Soulskat Photography