Shames Worthy

The Anthem video

He is an original Good Lifer & Blowedian known as Raphi (from The Tunnel Rats & Foot Soldiers cliques), also known these days as Shames Worthy. Born & raised in LA, he obviously was a huge Lakers fan as his name pays tribute to Showtime Lakers great monicker 'Big Game James Worthy', but he also was crazy for music & passionate about his faith in God & hip-hop culture. In the late 90s, after garnering respect from the LA Underground, Raphi & Tunnel Rats crew (including Propaganda of Humble Beast) spent years blazing previously unchartered trails in the world of highly skilled gospel rap, touring all over the globe in support of their early releases. Stenches with major & indie labels followed, 1 of which even landed him writing & recording an lp with 1 of his all time favorite rap heroes KRS-One. Along the way, Raphi picked up sound engineering, photography & editing skills, got married, then re-emerged as a solo artist under the name Shames Worthy. After the 2010 release of his self titled lp he toured with (high school friend & fellow Blowedian) Abstract Rude in 2011 on the Coolin & Cali Love Tours, and spot dates on the Dear Abbey Tour in 2012. Shames has been a constant at each Flow & Tell volume since inception, either as mainstage performer and/or host and judge. Though he's recently made strides in the world of film production, Shames Worthy has stayed relevant by way of local gigs & recorded features with the likes of Abstract Rude (on his new lp), Namek, Awol One, Joaquin Daniels & Gel Roc.

KTF Photography by Doveincci