This femcee, poet & neo soul singer is known as Misleeding. At 1st glance you'd be misled to think this Korean American, Long Beach born & raised young Lady can't spit, but you'd be making a Fatale error. With a voice to match her vision & personable lyrics that bleed onto the page from her heart, Misleeding looks at her music as performance art. Her training as a lyricist dates back to 2011 on stage at Project Blowed in Leimert Park. It was there she gained confidence to begin doing shows all over the city, and later recording her poetry & rhymes with different producers, sharing them on her social networks. An eventual blip on an Abstract Rude radar led to KTF recordings with Kenny Segal & other posse songs which can be heard on the forthcoming KTF Ent. label sampler.

KTF Photography by Alyson Bruno