Upcoming events:
-November 13 - Los Angeles, CA - Scorpio Party @ Align Gallery - 5045 York Bl., Los Angeles, CA
Jroz is a b-girl femcee born & raised in the 562-626 regions (Montabello, Whittier, SGV) of Los Angeles. Her hip-hop travels have found her in b-boy & graffiti crews for most of her teen & young adult life reppin the likes of Abstract Techniques, NCT, UTI & Project Blowed; with solo & collab recordings by her & Dj Ethos, Quiet On The Set & Keep The Feel Ent. Jroz One has touched Europe & Russia abroad with brief runs in the Southwest (via Abstract Rude) & a host of southern Cali events like Flow & Tell, 710ers Fest & Abra Ca Dabs that keep her active in the LA artists mix. Jroz is currently working on forthcoming material with various dope producers.

Never Ending Photo by Noe Marquez