Johanna Phraze

MC, songwriter, dancer, painter, turn-up specialist. She is a Tulsa, Oklahoma born & raised, all around talent by the name of Johanna Phraze.  Her hip-hop roots in Oklahoma & the midwest go back to early crew recordings, lessons & tours with OK legends like Johnny Polygon. After college & film production jobs in the midwest & Atlanta, Johanna migrated West to the Bay area before settling safely in Hollywood, CA where she has resided for the past decade. Her hip-hop travels have found her working with dope cats like Z-man!!! (who is featured on her Johanna Phraze mixtape, as well as turtle), Myka 9 (who's Sovereign Soul lp Joh is featured on), Abstract Rude (through whom she became an artist on the Keep The Feel Ent. roster), and Kenny Segal (of TeamSupreme who also produced 1 of 3 tracks that she's featured on the KTF Ent. label sampler). Equally if not more present in the Bass-Hop music scene, Joh Joh Phrazure has released music & rocked events with Earthquake State, DJ Leviathan, NICO LUMINOUS w/Lafa Taylor, J*Labs & Dan Chase to name a few. Currently she has a hot single "Sleepless In LA" out via Play Me Records as a collaboration with Dirt Monkey and Stephan Jacobs (cop it here).

KTF Photography by Cindy Clark