Upcoming events:
-January 12th - Orlando, FL - Advance Listening @ The Social (featuring in Abstract Rude set)
-January 13th - @Dabearth in Lake Park, FL- 805oilerfest @ The Kelsey Theater (encore in Abstract Rude set)

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Cloud 9

by B. Squid

Production by Ratty Scurvics 

Guest Production by Nick Dagger 

Cover Art by Sonia Begonia Kifferstein  

New "Daredevil (RIP Ryan Lees)" official video below taken from the Cloud 9 lp

B. Squid
Keep The Feel Ent.'s own duchess of doom is known as Baby Squid aka B. Squid. From growing up writing poetry, though not entrenched in hip-hop culture, and having a pianist for a Dad and a music producer for a big sister, she made a likely transition to rapping & singing over the beats of hip-hop producers circa 2012. Her 1st recorded track & video was a remix interpolation of a Swollen Members song that garnered thousands of youtube views. Ohio born & raised in Florida, B. Squid finished college at U of M ("the U") with a film degree, then pursued film production work in New York before deciding to relocate out West where she currently resides in Los Angeles, CA (specifically the artsy town of Los Feliz). No guts no glory is her mantra, evidenced by her hopping up on any stage with a mic she could get her hands on starting with residencies in the Santa Monica beach area, then spontaneously entering a SBRC (16-Bar-Rap-Competition) hosted by Abstract Rude at a Gallery Onelovedeluxe Instore in Redlands, CA. An impressive showing there led to developmental recordings with Ab Rude & KTF producers like DeeJaye Katch & Kenny Segal, eventually leading to a fully recorded DJ ZoLe mixed SQUID HOP mixtape that also contained production from DJ Vadim, Gramatik & her big sister EDEN GREY | music composer, with MC features by Self Jupiter & the whole KTF roster. A head spinning next 2 years to date as a KTF femcee has found a Squid on 4-5 nationwide tours, having dropped 3 new music videos in support of the mixtape, and a host of local shows to add to 3 consecutive Flow & Tell appearances with an award for 2013's BEST FEMALE EMCEE at URBAN UNDERGROUND WEEKLY. Also true to her film side, Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno has directed or done photography on several music videos for Abstract Rude & other KTF artists, Myka 9, Slug of Atmosphere, Musab, Toki Wright & Brother Ali of Rhymesayers. For the past 8 months, while residing in New Orleans doing work on the tv show Quarry, B. Squid has been experimenting with a fresh new sound sure to get your arms & your tentacles up in the air upon her return home.