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Cloud 9

by B. Squid

Production by Ratty Scurvics 

Guest Production by Nick Dagger 

Cover Art by Sonia Begonia Kifferstein  

New "Daredevil (RIP Ryan Lees)" official video below taken from the Cloud 9 lp


Woe Is Me - new lp by MC Woes (street date 10-30-15)

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by MC Woes

Guest Production & Features by 6BLOCC, DJ Leviathan, Aceyalone, Myka 9, Abstract Rude, Acid Reign, Ras Benji, B. Squid, Jeanine Strong & more.

Cover Art & Logo by Mear One

Los Angeles born & bred MC Woes emerges from well known club cyphers & event hosting with his most comprehensive work as an artist to date. The Woe Is Me lp is the hip-hop junglist meets EDM lovechild of he & producer friend 6BLOCC. Along with the help of Urban Underground & Earthquake State's own DJ Leviathan, who produced both of the leadoff tracks used for music videos, Woes & 6BLOCC bring the heat for the dance floor combined with the clarity & consciousness found in underground hip-hop lyrics.  Woes' rapid fire delivery shines through, honed from his years being a fan & peer of album guests Myka 9, A-Team & Acid Reign. His former residency at LA's famed Dub Club also inspired various ragga twists throughout the album's theme. Woe Is Me transitions MC Woes from being the host with the most out front; to the the true artist & person that he is inside.

"Woe Is Me" by MC Woes

title track from Woe is Me lp out now on KTF Ent.

prod. by DJ Leviathan

"Lost" by MC Woes

leadoff visual from Woe is Me lp out now on KTF Ent.

prod. by DJ Leviathan

KEEP THE FEEL: a legacy of hip-hop soul

by Abstract Rude

Guest production & features by: Fat Jack, Vitamin D, Biz-One, Mr. Dibiase, Kenny Segal & TeamSupreme, Resin Dogs, Aloe Blacc, Aceyalone, Freestyle Fellowship, Slug of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Pigeon John, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, The Grouch & Eligh, Zumbi Zion I, Mystik Journeymen, Medusa, Maya Jupiter, Psalm One, Oracle Jayne Doe, DJ Drez, DJ Vadim, DJ Remode, Chief & more!